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0001712v3.4 Release (Current)[All Projects] Taskspublic2016-08-10 09:122019-01-03 12:53
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PlatformApache+MySQLOSUbuntuOS VersionUbuntu 12.04
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Summary0001712: Incorrect time calculating in the task with the dependence.
DescriptionWhen I try to add the task with the dependence the application adds task, but it gets the finish time of previous task with the timezone hours, not in UTC. And in fact the new task will be added with UTC+timezone hours. Then you can see in the task table new task with UTC+timezone hours+timezone hours (in fact timezone hours are added twice).
Steps To ReproduceAdd the task with the dependence.
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has duplicate 0001713closed opto dependencies use user TZ instead of mysql TZ 
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see 1713
2019-01-03 12:53   
In the 31 Dec 2018 release:

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