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0001746v3.4 Release (Current)Project Designerpublic2017-10-28 15:512019-01-03 12:53
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Summary0001746: project owner sees only those tasks where he is assigned
Descriptionthis is a severe bug in projectdesigner:
project owner sees only those tasks where he is assigned

Project owner must be entitled to see all tasks, I think.
Otherwise, what does distinguish him from task assignees? How should he manage the project if he doesn't know of all tasks?
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2017-10-29 04:24   
wrong type of join used between table tasks and table user_tasks (inner join):

only those tasks are displayed by gettasktree which are also in table user_tasks.

a left join would be correct
2017-10-29 11:52   
was regression from bugfix 1739.

So this is ok, but 1739 still unresolved
2019-01-03 12:53   
In the 31 Dec 2018 release:

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