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0000186Pending RequestsProjectspublic2009-06-10 18:132014-08-16 18:50
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Summary0000186: Need an option to allow for parents only on project list
DescriptionWould like a way to specify only showing "parentless" projects on the list view so they do not show twice when you expand the tree.
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related to 0000257closed caseydk v1.2 Release (Closed) Display of projects with sub-projects in cascade would make visibility much clearer 
has duplicate 0000277closed  v1.1 Release (Closed) Project unwished duplication 
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2009-08-02 19:28   
Made some tweaks in r545 to automatically hide sub-projects... trying to gauge the overall interest/need in making this a configurable option and determining whether this should be a global option or an option on the list screen.
2009-12-07 22:14   
(sorry for all the email noise.)

As of the v1.2 release, all sub-projects are hidden under their parent projects on the Project List screen. This should eventually be a configurable option.
2010-02-16 09:26   
If not user configurable (yet), I opt to display the subprojects by default.
Or to have a page in the wiki describing where settings like this can be tweaked in the code.

If a parentless project is deemed the right to be displayed without extra click, why shouldn't the subproject be displayed as well?
Hiding makes sense if number of subprojects is very large (as in showing 100s of tasks in a project). But typically, there will be only a few subprojects.

So display by default will save a few extra clicks and make working with the project list easier. There will be a full view of everything going on directls after loading the view.

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