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0000194v1.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-06-24 15:092009-09-09 22:44
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Summary0000194: Task Log Update vs Create vs Log Date
DescriptionWhen a Task Log is created, there is currently a task_log_date which is being used alternately for a date created/logged and a task log date. From a data validation point of view, this should be broken into three fields:

* A date representing the create date of the log itself. Upon database insert, this should be set to now() and never changed again.

* A date representing the update date of the log itself. Whenever the row is edited (including at insert), this value should be set to now().

* A date representing the actual date of the log regardless of and independent from the above dates. Since the time portion of this datetime is not relevant, it could be simplified to a simple date.

For example, if a log is created for work performed yesterday, the first two dates would be now() while the final date would be set to yesterday.
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related to 0000236closed trevormorse Created and Updated fields not updated. 
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2009-09-02 09:25   
I think you (Trevor) may already have this one wrapped up but in that case it should be closed anyway.
2009-09-02 14:37   
Fixed this by adding a task_log_created and task_log_updated field to the task_log table. As well the task_log_date was converted to a date field.
2009-09-09 22:44   
Closed for release.

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