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Summary0000208: Improper UTF-8 decoding in project viewer title bar
DescriptionUTF-8 works almost perfectly in w2P, as it did in dP - this might be sarcastic since I hate UTF-8 which works good only with non accented languages ;)

It seems UTF-8 french accents go pretty good so far, but for an unknown reason, uppercase accented (e.g. É, À) caracters struggle a bit, but only on the project title stripe in the project details. See the screen shots included.

I remember I was so fed up of sparse UTF-8 behavior in dP that I finally converted it to ISO-8859-1. Wished to avoid this move this time !

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related to 0000193closed caseydk Special Characters (i.e. German 'Umlaute') are not displayed correctly for projects 
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2009-07-18 02:04   
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This suggestion :
should solve this problem

Caution : take care of this commit : , this suggestion must be adapted

2009-07-18 05:00   
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Your suggestion doesn't hurt, but doesn't help neither. Made the change w/o any relief. My problem is not related to crumbs but rather the project name in the title of the first table, right over the project details.

When I look to the code, It seems vw_projects.php loads the project data differently compared to view.php:

vw_projects uses the loadList method from the DBQuery class while view.php gets data around a loadObject method as found in the fullLoad method of the CProject class.

I'm not a PHP expert, and OO neither, but I see that loadObject does some extra steps to the hash list rather than a simple fetchRow in order to bind the data to an exportable object. This might destroy the UTF-8 encoding coming from the database. But why just for uppercase accents and not the other.

2009-07-18 05:09   
Finally been able to fix this behavior at the data level by editing the project, and typing over the messed-up accent and updating. Now the project name shows correcly everywhere.

However, the loadObject vs loadList difference in behavior still sting my curiosity because when the display problem existed only partialy depending on the use of one or another.

Since your already have plenty of things to do, you may put this request far away ahead.
2009-07-18 07:49   
Oh sorry, my note above was for issue 0000207 !
2009-09-08 23:12   
Fixed as a result of the changes included for 0000193
2009-09-09 22:43   
Closed for release.

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