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0000221v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-07-27 07:162010-06-21 21:18
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Summary0000221: PHP5.3 Deprecation Testing
DescriptionWith the release of PHP 5.3, there's a new E_DEPRECATED warning to denote functions/functionality that will be deprecated in PHP6. We need to clean the system in preparation for this update. Pedro has already silenced the warnings in base.php.
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2009-07-31 11:42   
Stefan Priebsch did a presentation today on PHP 5.3 Migration strategies and what to look out for. The video will be available here next week:

* Disclosure: This is part of a webcast series I helped organize and I generally moderate, so I'm biased. ;)
2009-08-02 19:48   
Until this assessment and required fixes happen, you can grab Pedro's update here:
2010-05-05 19:54   
With the addition of a default timezone and a few of the fixes in r1072, there are no 5.3 issues in core... just in a couple of our supporting libraries.

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