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0000223v1.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-07-31 06:032009-09-09 22:41
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Summary0000223: Multiple notification emails sent on Projects with many contacts
DescriptionThis is very similar to Bug#66 except it happens upon Project (instead of Tasks) creation when many contacts are selected for the project. You get duplicate emails sent to the project owner decrementally through the list of contacts until only the last contact and the owner are left.
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2009-08-02 14:52   
I refactored the notifyContacts method on the CProjects object to generate a new/clean email for each Contact in the list... this ensures that no previous Contacts are notified again;
Resolved in r544;
2009-09-09 22:41   
Closed for release.

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