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0000230v1.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-08-11 10:182009-09-09 22:41
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Product Version1.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.1 
Summary0000230: Rev 555 : install with dotproject conversion errors
DescriptionI got these errors during the installation of revision 555 of web2project:

Step 2: Update Database & Write Configuration
There were 9 errors in the system update.
Duplicate column name 'session_user'
Duplicate key name 'idx_cfv_id'
Duplicate column name 'file_folder'
Table 'file_folders' already exists
Can't DROP 'sysval_title'; check that column/key exists
Data truncated for column 'contact_department' at row 6
BLOB/TEXT column 'contact_department' used in key specification without a key length
Duplicate entry 'reset_memory_limit' for key 'config_name'
Table 'web2project-test.event_contacts' doesn't exist
Note: Errors noting 'Duplicate entry', 'Table already exists', or 'Unknown table' may not be problems. It's possible that your dotProject database was not the version it claimed to be.
Additional InformationMy version of dotproject is 2.1.2.

I copied the config.php file of dotproject in the "includes" directory then I ran install/index.php from my browser.
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related to 0000233closed caseydk Rev 558 : install with dotproject conversion errors 
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2009-08-12 20:50   
Resolved in r556;
2009-09-09 22:41   
Closed for release.

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