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0000231v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-08-12 11:232010-06-21 21:18
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Summary0000231: Displaying "displayed name" ;)
DescriptionIt's can be really annoying and uncomfortable if in the team we know each other as nicknames. That's standard in game dev teams. When sb new joining to the team he can't remember all names, identifying by nicknames is natural for us. And really more comfortable at all. I used Displayed Name field as "Nickname field"
But contacts list gives users just fist name, last name, phone on contact list.

Could you just add Displayed name to this "visit cards" in contact lists?
Just one more query and Contacts will be ideal for me.
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2010-05-12 21:33   
Updated in r1075 to use the display name instead.. it's now easier to internationalize too.

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