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0000245v1.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-09-09 06:592009-12-08 19:10
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Summary0000245: UTF8 handling errors
DescriptionI've noticed several place where UTF8 id not correctly handled (French)

- Assignees field in calendar tooltips
- In reports (PDF or html)
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2009-09-09 15:53   
Same thing in the calendar used to choose a date (in task for exemple). see pic attached
2009-09-10 09:05   
Could you upgrade to v1.1 (released today) and see if these issues are still present? We did quite a bit of cleanup on the utf-8 side of things.

2009-09-11 03:07   
(Last edited: 2009-09-14 14:29)
I installed and tested but UTF8 problem described are still in
User name in French (ie S├ębastien ...) still not correctly displayed in calendar tooltip

2009-09-15 06:51   
Corrected for tooltips

in /modules/calendar/links_task.php

line 154,

replace $tt .= $user;
by $tt .= utf8_decode($user);
2009-09-17 08:38   
Hi laussetdelon,

1st) Tooltips:
Thanks for your patch, but that's not the right way of fixing this.
The problems is really on mysqls side.
You see, that piece of information is gathered on mysql side as a concatenation, and when mysql concatenates the first and last name of the contact and then the percent of assignment and the % sign, it gets confused with the encoding and sends the data badly encoded.
Basically, I made it so it retrieves the data in two separate fields and then have PHP do the concatenation.
That way we don't go the utf_decode way, which can be a pain later on.

2nd pop-up Calendars:
I have updated the lib/jscalendar/lang/ files so they now are UTF-8 ready.

3rd PDFs) The reports module will be upgraded to something new, so I'll just forget about this right now. We may get back to it, once the reports are converted.

Thanks for reporting,

Pedro A.

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