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0000268v1.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-09-19 05:122009-12-08 19:08
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Summary0000268: Softcode strings to ignore in file indexation
Description"Get rid of the modules/files/file_index_ignore.php file, make it a System Look Up Value... and make sure it works." --pedroa


This way, strings to ignore would be localizable.

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2009-09-21 02:23   
More "interesting" stuff has been added to:

Take a look please :)

Pedro A.
2009-10-08 22:09   
This first portion of this one - respecting the file_index_ignore.php file - has been implemented in r698.

Implementing the OS-agnostic indexer is next.
2009-10-08 22:13   
Scratch that... implementing the ignore list as a system lookup value is next.

And then breaking the indexing into a separate step that can be kicked off using the hook_cron functionality independently of the upload step.
2009-10-09 04:19   
I have a concern regarding the hook_cron functionality since cron implies the use of Linux. Making indexation asynchronous is a great thing, but please make sure this feature is either optional or can be implemented on Windows.
2009-10-09 05:09   
As Pedro noted on the Forum thread, just because it's in the hook_cron method, it doesn't require cron to call it.

Instead, something that hits the queuescanner.php on a regular basis - iirc, a Windows service can do this - should have you covered. Drupal and a number of other systems do the same thing.

I'm actively working to make sure that we work on Windows approximately as well as we do on Linux... as part of an effort to get added to the Web Platform Installer:
2009-10-09 21:28   
Resolved as described in r701;

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