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Summary0000280: Start / End date displayed in calendar is not enough
DescriptionThere is only start and end date of a task displayed in calendar.
To get a better view, specially if start date and end date are not in the same month, all days in between start and end date should be displayed.
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2009-09-28 05:23   
I've implemented this previously and it's a *mess*. It really does fill in every single date between the start and end dates. For sanity reasons (I have to save some of mine), I'm not willing to make your request a default, but I would be willing make it a user-defined preference.

Any suggestions on what something like this should be called?
2009-09-29 01:17   
Thank you
I think the idea to put it in a user-define preference is good.
For the name ... i don't really know ...
"Fill calendar duration" or "Full task duration display"

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