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Summary0000284: The W2P is allowing delete files linked to a project that the user not participating in the project.
DescriptionIn the File menu (Folder Explorer), the W2P is allowing delete files linked to a project that the user not participating in the project. In addition to the Folder Explorer is listing all the files to the user. Initially, the Folder Explorer does not list the files already solve (this already another bug).
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related to 0000295closed caseydk Task Access security circumvented by files module 
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2009-10-08 20:54   
I've investigated this issue.

If a user is not assigned to a Project, they're still allowed to see it. If you want to hide a Project's Files, you should deny View permissions to that Project.
2009-10-09 05:26   
OK, but in my case the user have not permissions to project module.
I put print screens in attach.

NOTE: I upload file with my login (administrator) and delete with another user without permission module project.
2009-10-16 05:14   
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Hi all,

It seems that I have seen the same problem (cf. )

It seems that it's linked no ? (in this topic, user can access to all the files, including the files of other projects).



2009-10-22 02:03   
Hi, I haved added a screenshot of the problem of the folder explorer in this forum topics :
2009-12-07 20:47   
Resolved for the v1.2 release.

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