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0000289Third-party ModulesTimecardpublic2009-10-16 01:352014-04-05 17:39
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Summary0000289: Restrict combobox in "Add log" tab in TimeCard to active projects
DescriptionSince project list can grow big in the combo box of add log tab in TimeCard, I would suggest to select only active projects (project_active = 1).
Additional InformationIf you use the getAllowedProjects method on the Projects class, you can have the system get the data for you... respecting permissions of course.
You can see it in action in ./modules/calendar/addedit.php around line 100.
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2009-11-17 20:38   
This is an easy one. Your code should look something like this:

$prj = new CProject();
$projects = $prj->getAllowedProjects($AppUI->user_id);

It automatically filters according to the permissions and if you don't specify a second parameter, it will default to just getting active projects.
2010-02-26 22:17   
Ping? Any update?

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