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0000317v1.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-11-29 05:402009-12-08 19:03
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Summary0000317: Javascript doesn't like apostrophe in project name
DescriptionHaving apostrophe in the project name causes java script to raise a ';' expected error. This happens because of oldProj java script variable and whenever an apostrophe exists in project name, gives something like:

var oldProj = 'L'Union-vie:';

In french, usage of apostrophe being common, this happens frequently that a project name will contain one, as the task names as well.
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2009-11-29 09:50   
Which page(s) does this happen on?

2009-11-29 18:29   
This happens in the page next to the project selection in ProjectDesigner, which I would call: "the main ProjectDesigner work page". Just create yourself a project with an apostrophe in the name and choose it in the ProjectDesigner combo box and you should see the js error (yellow !).
2009-11-29 21:52   
Are you seeing it in v1.1? I can't duplicate this one in the latest SVN version, so this may already be fixed.

If possible, please test using the latest nightly snapshot here - Thanks!
2009-11-30 05:06   
It's from SVN as of Sunday morning. Let me investigate the code where the JS comes from and come back to you. As of now, I only tracked the bug by looking at the page source from IE. It is reporting line 353 being in error and this refers to var oldProj as mentionned earlier.
2009-12-02 18:41   
FYI, I fixed this bug on my side by using addslashes function where oldProj is definied in index.php. This will do the job in the meantime.
2009-12-06 16:29   
Resolved in r835 but not in the suggested way as addslashes isn't recommended for general usage;

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