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Summary0000318: Make more interaction between the begin/end dates and duration
DescriptionDon't know if feasible, but it would be appreciable that a kind of button like "compute" end date or duration value found in the traditional task edition be implemented in ProjectDesigner. I really love this module when adding a load of tasks. But lacking a comparable "compute" button makes me go to traditionnal task edition once every two or three tasks to make end date and duration consistent. I usually don't bother about en date, but strictly figure out the duration as it is easier for me. Also, the dependancy feature doesn't "check" the "define start date from dependancy" and leave the start date as set when creating the new task.

Doing these two improvements would speed-up ProjectDesigner by 50%
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related to 0000452new  Changing task duration does not re-calculate the task end date 
parent of 0000319closed caseydk Automatic calculation for end date/time or duration in project designer 
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2009-12-02 18:39   
I noticed there is actually an interaction between dates and duration when adjusting begin/end dates. I meant that I wished that the end date was adjusted upon a change of duration. More often, I play with duration.
2009-12-02 20:44   
Ah, if I recall correctly, the End Date is only updated if you hit the button on the Task Add/Edit screen. The Project Designer doesn't have that, so... there you go.
2009-12-04 07:03   
Can be linked ti this one
2011-10-03 10:00   
it should be possible to switch this off.

I may want to spend 3 hours on a task during a period of 3 days.
If i now decide to spend 5 hours on it, it may still be that I do not want to change the end date.

And not in al lscenarios is end date = star date + duration

2011-10-03 15:06   
When you edit a Task and change any of the fields (start date, end date, duration), you have to push the button to have it recalculate anything. This is how I envision it should work.

It covers Opto's use case and is consistent with elsewhere in the system.

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