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ReporterKyle Skrinak 
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Summary0000326: Encoding issues from web report view to PDF
DescriptionYour encoding for HTML is utf-8 but your encoding for your PDFs is ANSI, with I presume is the Windows Latin-1 / ISO/IEC 8859-1 character set, a subset of UTF-8 in terms of what characters it can reliably handle.

So, when using non-UTF-8 characters, they shift unpredictably and you can replicate this problem by using any modern text editor.
1) FIrst make sure you have "extended" characters where it will appear in the report. For example, "?" or "†" will suffice
2) View the report; all should be well.
3) Save the source of a rendered report page. This will be a UTF-8 encoded file. 4) Next, reload that same file but using 8859 encoding. You'll see the characters shift most unpleasantly and this replicates what happens in the PDF view of the report.

I've attached a screenshot showing the utf-8 and the re-encoding into 8859-1
Additional InformationThere's a brilliant discussion on the matter here:
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2010-06-12 12:59   
I've been hacking at this one for hours and found out some useful info.

Apparently, the PDF generation class we're using - Cezpdf - isn't very good at supporting non-ANSI character sets short of manually setting each and every mapping. While this will work, it's time consuming and we need to cleanup how PDFs are generated firs.t.. or else we'll have to put these mappings all over the place.

Resulting todo list:
* I'll refactor PDFs in 2.1/2.2; AND
* Someone else needs to take a lead on how to do the mappings. If you look at the last few pages of lib/ezpdf/readme.pdf, you can see what the format will be; OR
* Someone needs to find a PDF library that will support the character sets we need.

Any takers on the second or third points?
Kyle Skrinak   
2010-06-14 06:04   
I'd advise against 1-to-1 char mapping, I can volunteer to find a PDF library that supports UTF-8
2011-02-17 13:09   
Will work on unicode issues with PDFs. Most likely will need to switch to TCPDF, we're currently successfully using it on a project where languages like Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Serbian are used.
2011-02-22 01:33   
Due to my experience with the reporting subject and FPDF/TCPDF I am assigning this to myself.

Also so I can be in the loop of robertbasic.
Now, lets see what we can come up with.

I know this is marked as 'urgent', but believe me this may take some time.


Pedro A.
2011-03-07 10:32   
I'm working to review & merge Robert's stuff now -
It looks promising.
2011-03-07 17:05   
Merged RobertBasic's PDF generation cleanup
Resolved in r1716, will be in pending v2.3 later this month
2011-03-24 09:52   
Closed in preparation for v2.3 release.

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