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0000359v2.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-01-26 23:552010-12-19 13:22
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.2 
Summary0000359: Include SMTP From entry to replace fixed From address admin@site_domain for all mail sends
Descriptionlines 88-89 at classes/libmail.class.php :
//The from clause is fixed for all emails so that the users do not reply to one another
$this->From(w2PgetConfig('admin_username') . '@' . w2PgetConfig('site_domain'), w2PgetConfig('company_name'));

Possible actions:
Add a new config table entry ie mail_from and the required additions in System Admin -> System Configuration -> Email Settings and replace admin_username above
or just use already defined for SMTP auth mail_user entry and also replace admin_username with that.

also discussed here
could fix similar problems
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2010-12-16 13:38   
Resolved in r1532;
2010-12-19 13:22   
In v2.2 release.

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