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0000360v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-01-28 05:162010-06-28 19:22
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Summary0000360: Collapse Project Details hides tasks
DescriptionClicking on the project name in project designer causes level 1 (parent) tasks to disappear from the task view, showing level 2 child tasks only. Page has to be refreshed to display all tasks again.
Additional InformationSteps to reproduce:
1. Create a project with parent and child tasks (or use an existing one).
2. Open the project in project designer.
3. Click the project name in the first panel to collapse the project details panel.
4. On the task panel the parent tasks are no longer displayed showing only the child tasks.
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2010-06-27 11:37   
Resolved in r1213.. problem was due to an over-broad match on javascript id searching

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