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0000375v1.3 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-02-10 05:422010-03-31 22:45
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Summary0000375: Project progress ignores tasks that don't have any work hours logged
Description1) Create a new task with some duration (say 8 hours) using ProjectDesigner or the normal view project.

2) Update that task's progress to 50% complete. The project progress is not effected at all, it's still 0%.

3) Log 1 hour (or any number of hours) of work on this task. The project progress now reflects the task's progress of 50% complete - project progress is 50%.

This is a problem because many teams (mine included) don't want to track the hours they worked on tasks, just completion progress.
Additional InformationWeb2Project 1.2.2
Fedora Core 10
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2010-02-10 20:39   
This one has already been fixed in development and will be in the coming March release.
2010-03-31 22:45   
Closed in v1.3 release.

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