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Summary0000385: Disabling email notification of all project contacts
DescriptionOur project contacts are not always the progress participants, they are mostly clients and/or stakeholders, we do not want to inform them on our internal issues regarding project execution. We would like to be able to disable (gray out) this option in order to prevent accidental email notification by employees working on the project and logging the project process.
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2010-03-03 16:58   
Would it be useful to be able to selectively choose who gets updates?
2010-05-08 04:34   
The point is to avoid the possibility of accidentally (by checking the box) emailing our clients on internal project issues, such as "Mario is on a sick leave, project delivery is postponed for next week".
Therefore we do not intend to use W2P feature to notify our clients on the project progress throughout W2P interface. We only want to use the email notification feature to notify project managers and project assignees within our firm. At the same time we will keep all the project contacts, including clients contacts, in W2P which at present is a great risk of our clients getting unwanted messages on project progress.
2014-12-15 10:45   
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Please, while search a improvement to solved it, is possible you show me how I can modify the code to only send email update project notifications to contacts that belonging to companies of type "Internal" that is supposed that are the employers of my company? Is a partial solution but I think is useful.

I am in the 3.3 version now.

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