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0000393v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-03-20 03:442010-06-21 21:08
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Summary0000393: user specific priority not shown in taskss->tasks per user
Descriptionsee also forum
in tasks -> tasks per user, I can set a user specific task priority.

I assume that this should be displayed in the P column, because the task priority (it's symbol) is shown as part of the task name if other than normal.

But updating the user specific priority does not show in the P column.
Neither in my local copy (of end feb. 2010) nor in the demo.
I modified my todo screen of tasks to show this field in an extra column - which confirms the writing to the db works, it is just displaying in tasks per user that is broken.

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2010-03-20 12:53   
solution: replace prio by priority in return:

public function getUserSpecificTaskPriority($user_id = 0, $task_id = null) {
        $q = new DBQuery;
        // use task_id of given object if the optional parameter task_id is empty
        $task_id = empty($task_id) ? $this->task_id : $task_id;

        $q->addWhere('user_id = ' . (int)$user_id . ' AND task_id = ' . (int)$task_id);
        $priority = $q->loadHash();
        return $priority ? $priority['user_task_priority'] : null;
2010-03-21 18:01   
Applied the above listed patch in r969 but there's a second one in the forums that hasn't been applied.
2010-06-05 11:24   
I *think* this one is solved. Could you please check the latest development version and let me know the results? Thanks.
2010-06-07 13:11   
Yes. this is ok now. Thanks!
2010-06-07 14:19   
Resolved as noted.

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