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0000397v1.3 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-03-26 11:352010-03-31 22:42
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Summary0000397: w2p_textarea function messes-up accents in file_description on files/index_table.php
DescriptionThe only thing I could notice is that the file_description field is a blob. Otherwise, w2p_textarea works fine elsewhere
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related to 0000381closed caseydk After uploading the SVN version 967 of 1.22 in the names appeared to be wrong (incorrect code pages) 
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2010-03-27 05:06   
I'm looking at the file_description in my install and it's medium_text which is the same as the company_description. Also, looking at the base sql install (around line 448), it's a text field.

Are you 100% sure it's only on that field?
2010-03-28 04:29   
Ok first, I misled you with the blob. You're right, they are medium text. I thought of a blob because of the little superscipt note MySQL Workbench query result shows whenever a field is null or too long long to display. When it's too long, it shows "BLOB" in place of the value which is confusing.

Now, you're right again to raise the fact the problem may exist elsewhere. project_description which is also a medium text gets its accents messed-up after going thru w2p_textarea which visibly doesn't support this data type well. text based data type must use different binary format or something unlike varchar that utf8 trip on.
2010-03-31 21:53   
Fixed in r989. Here is the test snippet:

0196 Ä = AE (capital)
0228 ä = ae (small)
0203 Ë = EE (capital)
0235 ë = ee (small)
0214 Ö = OE (capital)
0246 ö = oe (small)
0220 Ü = UE (capital)
0252 ü = ue (small)
0223 ß = SS
2010-03-31 22:42   
Closed in v1.3 release.

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