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0000403v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-04-05 12:142010-06-21 21:18
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Summary0000403: tasks per user not shown

tasks per user not shown after choosing user name and setting a wide date range.

Both after conversion from dP (see post) and in fresh installation of w2p 1.3
(1 project, 1 tasks, 1 user).
IMHO, the 1 task should be displayed in tasks per user, when selecting the user (admin).

for w2p, the result is: message no data available.
for the dP conversion: no such message, there is just nothing displayed.
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2010-04-11 12:43   
the problem in dP conversion disappeared after re-download.

Compared to dP, there is a bug: the user drop down box in tasks per users doen't work, always shows all users. Verified also to happen in 1.2.2

Fix in
2010-05-04 18:30   
This was fixed somewhere in the v2.0 development.. not sure where though.

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