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Summary0000417: Support Deadline Not Saving
DescriptionThe first problem is that when a customer raises a support ticket and sets the deadline for that support ticket, the deadline date doesn't actually save. Furthermore, when a support representative logs into the ticket and sets the deadline, it doesn't save either. This field is greyed out though. What do we do to ensure that the date is saved because it helps with prioritisation in that department.
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2010-06-10 21:09   
(Last edited: 2010-06-15 09:38)
I've fixed this in r111 but these updates are *only* compatible with the v2.0 updates for web2project.. the Release Candidate comes out next week.

2010-06-15 08:43   
Hello Casey,

Please can you advise on where I can get your latest updates to the resolved case.

I have just upgraded my system to v1.3
2010-06-15 09:38   
All of these updates are in SVN here -

But to be clear, these updates are only compatible with web2project v2.0 which is only in Release Candidate status now. The full v2.0 release should be available by the end of the month.
2014-06-13 20:18   
Resolved in development. The latest and greatest is available here:

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