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0000432v3.2 ReleaseCore Infrastructurepublic2010-05-07 09:442014-07-16 21:28
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0000432: Consistency of navigation through modules\items
DescriptionTransition through pages are not consistent with user's actions.
- If I open a task, and click "Add file", after the file is added, I am redirected to the Files module, not to the task I was editing.
- If I edit a task by clicking on the "edit task" icon in project list view, when submitted, I am returned to the task list. If I open the task and then edit, instead of going back to the task I was editing for additional actions (adding files, logs, etc) I am instead sent to the task list.
Additional InformationThis lack of consistent behavior is a major usability issue for me, since I am gathering the feedback from various participants, and had to resort to making bookmarks on my address bar for the high-level tasks (dynamic tasks) when trying to update children tasks in ways that are not in Project Designer.
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parent of 0000730closed caseydk v2.3 Release (Closed) Uploading file returns user to main Files dialogue not related Project/Task 
related to 0001546new  Pending Requests bad return page from addedit files 
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2010-06-04 22:19   
This definitely does need cleanup but we need a plan/priority list for which paths/actions lead where.

For example, adding a file can be done from the top navigation (aka anywhere), the Files Module, the Task View, or the Project View. Most likely, each of those should return to a separate place, but there's not a clear path for each..

Any and all feedback is welcome.
2011-02-07 14:58   
It would probably make the most sense to act in a "breadcrumb" fashion and return to the previous URL after that add/edit action. That could be done as either a POST or a GET.
2011-02-23 00:26   
On caseydk's suggestion, I've started listing places where the return page isn't what you'd expect. It all seems to be the same sort of thing. If you want different information, just say and I'll change it.
2011-04-05 00:09   
Whoops. Missed one.
On checking out a file today I got returned to the default files list instead of the files list of the project I was working on.
From: /index.php?m=files&a=co&file_id=312
To: /index.php?m=files
I'd prefer: /index.php?m=projects&a=view&project_id=818&tab=6

I've added it to the Google Spreadsheet
2011-04-05 10:20   
Thanks. Is this under 2.3?

We fixed a handful of those in the v2.3 release - contacts, projects, and I think files - but there are still many open.
2011-04-05 10:54   
Yes, 2.3. I forgot this category was primarily looking towards 3.0.
2011-04-05 10:56   
Except for critical/security fixes, we normally don't do an update to an existing release.

So everything is towards v3.0 :)
2011-04-05 12:13   
Onwards and upwards! Best you know about it lest it follows us into 3.0, I suppose. ;-)
2014-05-20 20:51   
By the way, all of these except for the Files upload one were fixed in v3.0/3.1
2014-05-26 20:13   
All of these are resolved except for the Files which is documented in 0001546 so I'm calling this one closed.

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