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0000441v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-05-14 06:542010-06-21 21:10
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Summary0000441: Add Time Task Log Was Updated For Auditing
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Go ahead and log this one as an issue.

That said, I think this is easier than I thought. On the task_log table we have two fields - task_log_created and task_log_updated - which are completely independent of the actual task_log_date. Therefore, we have the audit trail that you're looking for.. we're just not sharing it.
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2010-05-14 07:18   
I just replaced line 63 in vw_logs.php with these 4 lines

    $task_log_date = intval($row['task_log_updated']) ? new CDate($row['task_log_updated']) : null;
    if ($task_log_date == null && intval($row['task_log_date'])) {
        $task_log_date = new CDate($row['task_log_date']);

The task_log_updated is not filled in for old DotProject logs so I have it revert to the task_log_date if necessary. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. Hopefully you can drop this in the next release. I am also attaching my vs_logs.php file. This was modified from version 1.3.0


2010-06-05 06:56   
Resolved in r1158

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