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0000446Pending RequestsDepartmentspublic2010-05-25 01:132014-08-16 18:56
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Summary0000446: Department picker - inconsistent behavior
DescriptionWhen I start a new project the default company is my company, and consequently I see the department list in my company. That list remains constant even when I change the selected company to reflect a company we're doing a project for. So far so good and everything makes sense.
The confusion starts when I try to edit an existing project. It seems the department selection box is populated by the department list of the recently selected company, which is now different from my own. In my case, for the most part, that list is empty and I get a blank box.

This brings me to a related matter I don't quite understand. Instead of the nice "Select department..." button, I always get a list box, which if you set up a large number of departments can get quite big. Alternatively if you have not defined any department all you see is a blank box. I'm not a programmer so forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems the condition will never reach the part where the button is generated if you added departments to your company.
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