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0000449v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-05-25 08:552010-06-21 21:11
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Target VersionFixed in Versionv2.0.0 
Summary0000449: budget field format
DescriptionNot valid format in budget field.

My configuration is 12.345.678,90 EUR a the language is Spanish 'es'

Please see attach file
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2010-05-25 10:11   
Are you really using v1.0?
2010-05-25 11:29   
No, Version 2.0.0-pre

Now I see the Project field, (must be select before send the issue).


I'm working directly with Version 2.0.0-pre, to test it.
2010-05-28 07:20   
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one more thing,

If edit field budget with 1.750,00 and save it the project, later w2p show 1.75

2010-05-29 00:27   
The problem is in the database, because I'm try change it directly and don't permit update with comma "123.456.789,00" and always take dot as decimal point.

I have utf_8 and utf8_spanish_ci y project database.
2010-05-29 10:45   
The system interprets it in the "American notation" where thousands are denoted with commas and the dot is the decimal point. I'm not sure of a better way to approach this at the moment.

What standards are there for these notations?
2010-05-30 23:53   
All Europe use this notation 123.456.789,00 €

I thought you were using the currency format of the user's preferences to display the amounts in W2P, I think that is a good way, like most applicantions do.
2010-05-31 11:35   
Yes, displaying things in a particular format is the easy part..

The difficult part is processing your input properly so it gets stored properly.
2010-05-31 23:27   
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Please visit this pages.

I think that the solution or posible solution are inside.

2010-06-02 20:44   
The core functionality is wired in r1132-1133.

If your CURRENCYFORM value is set properly, it should work as designed. I've also added scrubbing on the input side of things to make sure they're stored properly in the database.

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