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Summary0000452: Changing task duration does not re-calculate the task end date
DescriptionIn the project designer/actions panel, if updating a task duration, the duration is set correctly in the task but the task end date is not re-calculated.
Additional InformationWould be nice if the task class had methods to move dates by X days or set duration by X days or y Hours with a boolean flag to determine if working days should be respected. That would be better than calculating the new dates outside the task class and then setting them.
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duplicate of 0000850closed caseydk Pending Requests In ProjectDesigner Duration does not change anything 
related to 0000078closed trevormorse v2.4 Release (Closed) Task dependencies not cascading 
related to 0000318assigned caseydk Pending Requests Make more interaction between the begin/end dates and duration 
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