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0000458v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-06-02 03:042013-10-31 06:19
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Summary0000458: Gantt Charts always display ALL projects
DescriptionIf a subset of projects has been selected by either using the search- or filter function the Gantt-Cart always shows all projects.

It should rather show just the projects that are filtered/ searched
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has duplicate 0000908closed caseydk Pending Requests Print to PDF Gantt chart of selected project 
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2010-06-02 09:31   
I don't know that the Gantt charts have ever just displayed a subset.. can you tell me how you're filtering?
2010-06-03 04:59   
If the Gantt charts have not just displayed a subset yet, they probably should in the future?
In the projects list view you can search for projects (by typing search criteria into the search box) or filter projects by owner etc.. Thus the list displays the resultset according to the search criteria or the filter you set. If you now display the Gantt chart it displays ALL projects but it would be nice if the Gantt would only display the projects of the selected subset.
So if this is not a bug, maybe it is a feature - I guess it would be quite easy to implement this?
2011-02-08 12:40   
This feature will be implemented? This issue is important for portfolio of projects. Thanks
2011-02-08 19:27   
The Gantt creation respects the company filter, is that sufficient?
2011-02-09 01:27   
For our purpose we need the Gantt to also reflect the department filter and then of course the standards like:
- timeframe
- planned projects
- projects in progress
- ...
2011-02-09 04:24   
Casey course, it would be better than it is now, but for those who use the application would be confused. Respects the companies and not filter type and owner?
Well, it certainly helps with the companies, but the ideal would be to respect all filters.
2011-02-24 00:53   
This has had some updates so all the filters (but not the search) is respected.
2011-11-24 22:29   
Resolved in r2198;

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