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0000486v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-06-13 06:242010-06-21 21:05
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Product Versionv2.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Versionv2.0.0 
Summary0000486: Cannot add tasks to projects
DescriptionSuccessfully installed June 8 nightly.
Created a project.
Attempted to create a task, task is not added.
Navigating back to the project, drilldown button saying that there is a multi-project structure (even though I had only created a single project), and opening the drilldown throws a php error.
Screenshots attached.
Tried with a second project, same problem.
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2010-06-13 16:40   
I can't reproduce this one on galleon, Firefox (Ubuntu or Win7), or IE8..

What version of IE are you using? Are you using any popup blockers?
2010-06-14 07:01   
IE8.0.6001, pop-up blocker off.

I just downloaded the most recent w2p nightly, configured it with a new db schema, and still cannot add tasks.

I will add the database file, in case that would help diagnose the problem.
2010-06-14 10:51   
Are you getting any sort of error messages whatsoever? Javascript? PHP error log? Apache? Has it ever worked for you? Have previous versions worked for you?
2010-06-14 11:15   
The only error that appeared in the browser was the seemingly unrelated error about the project being part of a multi-project structure -- even though it was not part of a multi-project structure:
"Warning: Invalid argument supplied foreach() in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache 2.2\htdocs\web2project\modules\vw_sub+projects.php on line 31"

I checked the Apache error.log, and there is no error.

I checked the database, and there was no task added.

I'm turning php error log on now.

I have never been able to add a task.
2010-06-14 11:48   
I turned on PHP logging, and no errors were logged while trying to create and save a task. Adding tasks works neither in the classic interface nor in the project designer.
2010-06-14 17:38   
Is the path really described this?

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache 2.2\htdocs\web2project\modules\vw_sub+projects.php

There shouldn't be a + sign in there.. and even more importantly, the path is completely wrong as there should be a module name in there. It should look something like this:

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache 2.2\htdocs\web2project\modules\projects\vw_sub_projects.php
2010-06-15 02:14   
Take a look at the screenshot that I attached when I reported the bug - the error is shown in both the top and bottom panes of that file, right where the drill-down to show a project as being part of a multi-project structure.
2010-06-15 03:01   
If you would be interested, I could demonstrate the problem using gotomeeting?
2010-06-15 05:09   
Ah thanks. Sure. I'm east coast US-based, so if you have time this afternoon or late this evening, I'd love to see the problem.

Otherwise, since no one else is running into the problem, this will have to be closed.
2010-06-15 06:29   
Excellent, I'm ready whenever you are - I'm on the East Coast as well.
2010-06-16 06:53   
Resolved in r1187 -

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