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0000514v2.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-07-20 14:322010-09-21 23:07
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Summary0000514: Project Statistics Report doesn't make match total task
DescriptionIn the Project statics report, the information that it shows doesn't match each other, if you check each column the total of task that each user has (task + task) is not equal as the Total value.
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2010-07-22 22:42   
This wasn't really an error, just the layout was a little unclear.

The way it works is that any Past Due task is *also* either In Progress or Not Started. Therefore if you add up In Progress and Not Started values, you'll get the Past Due... and if you add Past Due and Complete then you'll get the Total.

Therefore, I didn't change the core functions of this, just tweaked the layout for clarity. This is applied in r1244 & 1245.

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