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0000540v3.2 ReleaseTaskspublic2010-08-08 23:232014-07-16 21:30
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Summary0000540: Import tasks: incorrect handling of subprojects
DescriptionAt the moment, import tasks copies the subproject token tasks, but this is then orphaned (not related to any subprokject).

1) on import, copy the subproject and enter the copy's token task into the imported tasks
2) allow m:1 relationships for subprojects (multiple parents)and insert as additional parent of original subproject

maybe user ahould decide whether 1 or 2 (checkbox)

Improvement: not project should own subproject, but a task should own a subproject (if m:1 relations are implemented)
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related to 0000484feedback caseydk Pending Requests copying tasks from main/subproject on project creation 
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2014-06-13 21:35   
Resolved with the Project owning the Subproject:

While it may create the occasional unexpected result, this is literally the only report in four years, so it should be exceptionally rare.

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