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Summary0000551: Why projects set as sub-project show in the first row?
DescriptionIn previous versions, setting a project as a sub-project caused this project to be viewable only when expanding the main project group. Now, sub-projects show both in the main project tree AND the main tree. Is it normal, and if so is there a config to fix this behavior?
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2010-08-14 12:13   
It is normal now.. there was an issue where if a use didn't have access to the parent project, they couldn't see the sub-project. Even worse, the project count on the tabs was correct, but if the parent project had a different status, the subproject didn't show up on the expected tab.

It made my head hurt and annoyed people.. so we removed the "feature" until we can rethink it.
2011-07-31 04:39   
... make a checkbox to include7exclude them in the list?

Similiar to the checkbox show nfinished tasks only?

then everyone can choose which behaviour they like.

I think it is important they show - a project worker may not even know what the name of the patent is, in order to work on the subproject.
But he needs a way to find it.
The subworker even might not have access to the parent's project name.

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