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0000556v2.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-08-24 02:162010-12-19 13:23
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Summary0000556: Cant update child tasks
DescriptionHave created a project and added tasks.
Have then added child tasks to one of the main tasks.
Any subsequent changes I make to the child task are not saved.

Can modify parent tasks successfully.
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2010-08-24 02:20   
Have also tested this on the demo site by creating a task, then child task.
Child task changes not saved.
2010-08-24 05:54   
What browser? What version of web2project?
2010-08-24 05:56   
Using Firefox 3.6.8.

web2project 2.0

But also doesn't work on demo site.
2010-08-24 07:45   
I just tried the demo site and it worked. I created one task, created a child with a duration of 10 hours and saved. I came back and changed the duration to 20 hours and saved. It worked as expected.

Are you getting any error messages at all? JavaScript? Application? Can you submit it?
2010-08-24 07:50   
OK, it appears as if it happens as follows:
Create task ABCD. Save.

Create child task XYZ with parent ABCD.
Ensure child task has a task dependency of ABCD, with tracking on. Save.

After this, any changes to the child task are not saved until the task dependency to the parent task is removed.
Other task dependencies are fine, seems only to be an issue if Parent Task and Task Dependency are the same.
Thinking about it, no point in having a task dependency being the same as the parent, but would hope to have a popup or something saying so.
2010-08-24 22:26   
You're right that it shouldn't be possible having a parent as a dependency and realistically the system should notify you and so this is a pretty odd/exceptional case.

Therefore, I'm going to lower the priority and make it pending review for a future release.
2010-12-06 22:38   
Removed the option to have a parent as a dependency.. did it via the backend (post-save) since we don't necessarily know which parent is selected on the front end and therefore don't know which tasks to disallow from the dependency box.

Resolved in r1519, will be in the v2.2 release.
2010-12-19 13:23   
In v2.2 release.

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