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0000583v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-09-17 02:092011-08-16 23:48
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Summary0000583: Default Event Start and Stop times
DescriptionWhen creating a new event, default Start time is set to 19:00 and default stop time is set to 04:00 (for time zone of Pacific/Auckland). This time varies according to timezone and can be correct in some zones. For example, Start time is 08:00 and Stop time is 17:00 when timezone is Europe/ London (GMT).
If these are set to say Start time of <current hour> and Stop time of <current hour + 15min> then event creation wouldn't sometimes fail by default with Start time > Stop time.
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has duplicate 0000840closed caseydk Pending Requests Start time in "Add Event" pane defaults to 1:00 AM 
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2011-08-07 17:35   
Resolved in r2022

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