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0000617v2.2 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-10-30 22:492010-12-19 13:24
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Summary0000617: On changing start date : Access Denied | You have attempted to access an item in web2Project without the sufficient permissions
DescriptionLogged in as administrator.
I had imported a project using MS-XML.
I changed the start date of the project.

Now, on clicking on the project in project lists, I get this error message :

Access Denied
You have attempted to access an item in web2Project without the sufficient permissions to do so. Please contact the web2Project System Administrator.

I am not able to access the project at all.

However, other projects imported in exactly same manner and after modification of start and end dates, are perfectly accessible. No problems.
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duplicate of 0000622closed caseydk I can't open project which have empty field above name of department selected 
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2010-12-03 23:40   

Please look at your database directly..

On the projects table, what is the project_company value for that project?
On the project_departments table, check to see if there are any entries for your project. If so, what are the department_id's that go with it?
2010-12-14 21:38   
Believed to be resolved as of r1509;
Pending further feedback, this is resolved;
2010-12-19 13:24   
In v2.2 release.

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