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Summary0000632: Print function produces wrong charaters

When I try to print from Project Designer it works but the portuguese characters are replaced by a anowing symbol, like showed on the attached image.
Can someone help with this?

Thanks in advance,

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parent of 0000598feedback caseydk Pending Requests adodb-mysql does not set default character set for db connection, this can lead in unusable database content 
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2010-11-24 23:45   
Pedro, do you have any insight into this one? You seem to know more about character sets than me.
2010-11-25 02:45   
If the browser is correctly set to UTF-8 encoding, via menu View->Encoding->UTF-8, this can happen if the data is badly encoded on the database itself.
Was the data stored through web2Project, or was it imported from dotProject?
Can you please edit any of those "weird" tasks names and see if that fixes anything.

There is another issue around here about that covers things like mysql data connection encoding, and data charset conversion data that may apply to this situation.

I have projects here with "special characters" and they show alright on that report, so it is not a strict web2project issue. It has to do with charset problems at the db level.

So there is the need to pinpoint where the encoding is being badly enforced, if on the database itself (check the tables encoding), or the database default connection encoding.


Pedro A.
2010-11-25 02:55   

I added relationships to:

I would appreciate your opinion about them.

They may also require Wiki attention/documentation for these sort of issues that have to do with the Data encoding and Data Connection encoding.

I am sure you will find this important for all languages that use special characters, and affect a growing number of users, as more and more non-English users are using web2Project.


Pedro A.
2010-11-25 03:17   
Hi Pedro,

Those tasks were imported with Project Importer from a .xml file, but I added a new task with portuguese characters inside de task module on W2p and it happens the same.
In the Database the charaters are OK and the collation is utf8_general_ci.

Best Regards,
2010-11-25 03:33   
So everything is alright throughout web2Project and it is only here that you are seeing weird characters?
IE encoding is set to UTF-8?

The only thing missing on this "report" is the HTML HEAD trying to force utf-8, but I tried it on a IE 8 around here and it has shown tasks created in web2Project with the correct special characters even without the HTM HEADer.

Pedro A.
2010-11-26 07:55   
Pedro, thanks for the heads up and insights.

Also, if you look at index.php around line 222.. if $suppressHeaders is Off (as in the headers show), the charset gets set. Otherwise, it doesn't. Would that have an impact here?
2010-11-26 09:02   
On this report suppressHeaders is On, therefore the charset does not get set on the Headers.
When I try the report here, it shows alright on IE-8.

That's the reason for my latest questions to Armaia.

I also ask Armaia, to try to change the last part of the URL directly to...
index.php?m=projectdesigner&a=printproject&dialog=1&project_id=[number id of the affected project]

And see if the characters show up alright. That would tell us if suppressHeaders has any influence on this, and therefore the utf-8 Header.


Pedro A.
2010-11-26 09:48   
(Last edited: 2010-11-26 09:49)

If I try to print directly to the URL
http://localhost/Web2Project/index.php?m=projectdesigner&a=printproject&suppressheader=1&dialog=1&project_id=3, aparently the task names appears OK but the headers appears with wrong characters. It seems a probleming with the encoding (UTF/ISO).
I attach an image with parts of HTML parts.


2010-11-26 10:11   



The task names looked like crap to me on that last image you attached. Just like the ones on the first gif.

The <form> tag here should not exist in the first place, when we say headers we mean:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />


Pedro A.
2010-11-27 09:21   

If I access directly with:

http://localhost/Web2Project/index.phpm=projectdesigner&a=printproject&dialog=1&project_id=3 [^]

it works. The Chars are shown OK.

2011-02-15 20:32   
So is this one resolved?
2011-02-17 09:46   
Thanks for the heads up Keith :)

Fixed the missing HTML headers

Thanks for reporting.
File is:


Pedro A.

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