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Summary0000649: have installer create db
Descriptionhave installer create db: This is a nuisance for new user with little mysql knowledge, and many other opensource installers now do it.

In the end, it frightens away everybody who does not know how to do that (which might be most potential Windows users)
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2010-11-28 10:13   
This one always makes me nervous.. to create the database, they have to give us creds for an admin/root account. While it'd work, it just doesn't feel right.

Besides, once we start down the path of "just create the database", we end up with "why not create the w2p user too?"

2010-11-28 12:22   
1) everybody else does it ... egroupware, vtiger, weberp, you name it

2) if not, it severely limits the number of people able to install w2p. At least for windows. You can't even install it in your own local xampp without mysql knowledge.
While standard Windows users might be capable to install an xampp and put w2p into htdocs and start the installer - fiddling with mysql on the command line? Trying to get phpmyadmin, winmyadmin, or the mysql managers to connect and create a db?
I remember from my own starts that that just didn't work and took an hour(s?). And that after 15 years of programming experience on Fortran, Pascal, delphi, C++.
There are just too many mysql versions which are incompatible too each other to easily find instructions on the web where everything fits to each other.
Just opened the mysql admin on my PC (did it right now): access denied (with password: YES). On a valid mysql user, which can be used on the command line, in phpmyadmin, but not in winmysqladmin, but not in the official Mysql admin?

phpmyadmin not able to use weberp mysql sql scripts, but the command line is?
Need any more mysql curiosities?

Not encouraging for windows users.
Maybe limit it to installations on localhost, at least, people can try without mysql knowledge, and if they want it on the web ... , then, they have to learn it.
Or have a checkbox: create database (with message maybe insecure because of transmitting password/user), safer option: create it yourself.

At the moment, I don't see how any Windows non IT addict or any person above 30 years old might be able to create a database.

This is the advice in the wiki:
3.Next, create a database, a database user, and give the user access to the database. Remember this information for later. While the command line will work, most people find phpMyAdmin easier.
This from the installation file:
1. Create a mysql database and a user with full access to the database.
Write these credentials down. If you are converting from dotProject, copy
the includes/config.php file from your dotProject installation into your
web2project/includes/ folder. The conversion process will retrieve and use
these credentials as necessary.

And then google and try to find instructions that really work.

Sorry for being so harsh, but that is based on my own first apache/php/mysql experiences (and today's wonderment why MYSQL's official admin might not be able to connect to mysql).

Even the apachefriends, distributing xampp, don't give any hint on their website that their newest, nicest, ... whatsoever xampp probably won't run with the majority of open source software ... because it has php 5.3.

well, maybe that/5.3 is somewhat relaxed in the meantime, but there is a reason why I use the ancient xampp 1.7.1 - not everything runs under 5.3 (does w2p, dP, vtiger?).

So how do we expect people to get w2p running?
2010-11-28 13:27   
All good points..

Though on Windows, the current recommendation is to use the Web Platform Installer from Microsoft. I've worked with those guys - some free advice, some for pay - and it sets up all the basics with a handful of clicks. But yes, then you still have to create the database. WebPI is 5.2.12 iirc.

I've been pondering on this whole thing.. *if* we can get those admin rights, create our own w2p user (or use an existing one) and then create the database (or use an existing one) and then not store those admin credentials, I'm more comfortable with it.

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