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Summary0000655: add lastmodified to events (and todo's??) for ical sync
Descriptiontasks have a lastmodified in the db, events don't, don't remember about todos.

For the ical syc, this would make things much easier than using the creation date of the feed. If I want to sync to computers (notebook, desktop) to the same db, using the actual last modified makes the comparisons for conflict resolution much easier.


(currently busy for a business trip, but hope ical sync will come very early 2011)
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has duplicate 0000757closed caseydk Pending Requests please add lastmodified date for events 
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2011-02-18 21:21   
At present, we have last update times available in the Tasks and Todos module but nothing in the Calendar/Events. We'll need to add it to resolve this one.
2011-04-02 08:41   

The link you sent:
doesn't fix this one.. as that uses NOW() as the last update time for the event instead of the event's last update time.

This should just take a database change to events and tweaking getCalendarEvents
2012-04-09 05:01   
(Last edited: 2012-04-09 05:02)
my pull request fixes that for events:


2012-05-16 17:48   
Resolved in r2425 as described;

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