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Summary0000667: "Show Projects with assigned Tasks?" checkbox is non-functional
DescriptionThe "Show Projects with assigned Tasks?" checkbox is currently non-functional. When checked, projects will not be displayed if you are not the owner of the project but are the owner of tasks on the project. This has been verified in IE 8, Firefox 3.6.12, and Chrome 8.0.552.224.

There is no current workaround for this display issue.
Additional InformationSteps to reproduce:
1) Create two user accounts.
2) Create a project owned by one of the two accounts.
3) Create a task on the project owned by the other account.
4) Click on the My Info button.
5) Click on the Projects tab.
6) Ensure that the filters are set in such a way so that the project you just created would be included.
7) Check the "Show Projects with assigned Tasks?" box. Note that the project is not visible in the project list.
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2011-05-02 21:50   
I've dorked around with this one a bit and found an oddity:

The checkbox is "Show Projects with assigned Tasks?" but you note "projects will not be displayed if you are not the owner of the project but are the owner of tasks on the project"...

so is this supposed to be for tasks *assigned* to you or tasks *owned* by you?

Is this something you use?

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