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0000672v2.3 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-12-27 06:192011-03-24 09:53
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Summary0000672: Gantt pdf fails
DescriptionWhen generating the task Gantt pdf, this error occurs.

JpGraph Error You have specified a constrain from row=1 to row=23 which does not have any activity. Depending on the chosen project, the row numbers varies. When I choose a task without dependancies (no related tasks), the pdf gets generated, but get an IE error. Nothing on the php log. However, pdf file exists in the files/temp folder.
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2010-12-27 07:34   
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This issue divides in two:

1. handling of contrains
2. streaming the pdf

In issue 2, it appears the ob_end_clean doesn't react well. Commenting it makes everything happen. But the streamed pdf also contains the html page itself as expected. ob_end_clean looks misplaced to me. It should rather preceed the mime headers so the stream is cleaned out from the html page itself. However, wherever placed, ob_end_clean seems to block everything. Also when commenting ob_end_clean for letting the stream go through, I noticed the pdf is missing a lot of lines at the end. This is not a show stopper, but since I once asked for Gantt export, I was glad to see it !!

2011-01-12 05:39   
Hi ! Which file has "ob_end_clean" expression to comment out ? There is no pdf file in files/temp folder
2011-01-31 21:29   
Hi the file I'm referring to is gantt_pdf.php in tasks module.

But just to make sure I don't mislead your search, does the Gantt to pdf works on your desktop? If so, try with a Gantt with dynamic tasks which seems to be the first hurdle on my side.

Eventhough I use a project having no dynamic tasks, it goes a little further but never come to download the pdf but display a generic IE error on screen. This seems to be caused by the either erroneous or misplace ob_end_clean which actually flushes the page before it even reach the end.

Do you use FF or IE? It may be the reason why...
2011-02-05 06:11   

Can someone give me a database that demonstrates thisconsistently? I'm having trouble duplicating it myself..
2011-02-07 19:18   
Resolved in r1613 by hacking jpGraph to catch the bad dependency check

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