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0000676v2.3 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-12-29 04:172011-03-24 09:53
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Summary0000676: Event filter in calendar view has no effect
DescriptionFilter for company works - filter on event (My Events,...) always shows all events from all users in current period.

Tested scenario:
- User1 is owner of project, owner of task1, assignee of task1
- User2 is assignee of task2

User1 can see all tasks in calender (ok)
User2 also can see all tasks in calendar, even1

Could also reproduce in online demo environment
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2011-02-15 19:51   
The event add/edit screen wasn't allowing event_owner to get set and then the store() was setting it to the current user.. once these were corrected, filters work as expected;
Resolved in r1646;

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