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Summary0000682: Autoconfigure Default Timezone
At present, when web2project is installed, we just set a timezone for the Default User Preferences. If it's incorrect or the Admin doesn't know to change the timezone, all future users will have the incorrect timezone too.

At install, if we can detect the person's timezone via Javascript, we can make an educated guess on what the default should be. It's not guaranteed to be correct but will be more often than the default.
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2011-01-04 09:59   
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The first way using cookie :
setCookie("tzo", new Date().getTimezoneOffset()/60)*(-1), 30);

or the best way using an hidden form element whose id is 'tzo' :
document.getElementById('tzo').value = (new Date().getTimezoneOffset()/60)*(-1);

2011-04-27 13:18   
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Pull request is sent

2011-05-06 21:09   
Congrats to RobertBasic who resolved this one (with a minor tweak) in r1886-1889;

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