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Summary0000684: Where to change content of the notification email
DescriptionI am trying to find the file where i could change the body of emails sent for notification, especially the New account notification.
I found an answer on the forum but it's related to the previous version and doesn't look applicable on 2.2
Could we do it via the System Lookup Values ?

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duplicate of 0000188acknowledged caseydk v4.0 Release (Planning) Remove Hard Coded Parameters from New User Created Email 
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2011-01-06 22:33   

Eventually you'll be able to set those in the System Admin.

For now, check /classes/w2p/Output/EmailManager.class.php as that has most of the email bodies.
2011-01-08 11:39   
The email body for the new account notification by example is not located there. I've tried to find it in others locations but was not successful.
2011-06-07 22:19   
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2011-07-03 22:52   
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