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0000686Pending Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-01-07 19:432013-03-16 21:43
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Summary0000686: The User deletion doesn't delete the contact
DescriptionAfter deletion of a User, i can still find it as a "contact"
Could you add a "remove from contact list" checkbox ?
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related to 0001260closed caseydk Contact is access denied if its Company has been deleted 
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2011-01-07 19:49   
if you have to create again a user with the same name, you now have 2 contacts and 1 user for the same individual.
Also, you can't delete a contact if it's also a user.
2013-03-16 21:43   
You're not supposed to delete a Contact that is a User. It's by design.

To create a user out of an existing Contact, simply View that Contact and select "create a user."

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