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Summary0000727: Georgian letters appears as ????
DescriptionGeorgian ( letters appear in gant chart as ????.
Additional InformationI change file "".

//define('BASE_FONT', 'FreeSans');
define('BASE_FONT', 'Sylfaen');

copy sylfaen.ttf to lib\fonts\.
but it not helps. The font in gunt chart changed, but letters are still "???"
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2011-02-22 23:15   
This *is* acknowledged as a problem because the Gantt library (jpGraph) has some Unicode issues:
2011-02-27 17:53   
RobertBasic has made some major updates here too:
2011-03-07 17:07   
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The updates in r1716 resolved the character set problem with a bunch of languages - Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Polish, German were all tested successfully - but Georgian still does not work as expected.

For an example, create a project name with Georgian characters and/or tasks with Georgian characters. You'll see gibberish symbols instead of characters.

You can use to create characters in the various character sets to see how they work.

2011-03-19 10:21   
I have a feeling that the font used doesn't have all the glyphs needed to properly show Georgian characters. Will have a look at it.

As noted on Georgian is UTF-8, but a font called sylfaen should be used.
2011-03-20 02:58   
Yes, You can use Sylfaen, but I'm not sure that Sylfaen is free. I know that there IS free fonts, because several days ago I see Ubuntu os with Georgian interface :)

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