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0000732v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-02-23 08:052011-08-16 23:44
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Summary0000732: Event e-mail with wrong time
DescriptionThere is a problem with datetime when i insert a calendar event in web2project. I'm from Brazil and i'm using 'pt_br' locale. i follow the steps below:

1) I inserted an event with the following dates:
- Start: 22/02/2011 18:00
- End: 23/02/2011 19:00

2) W2P sent an email to me, but with wrong datetimes:
Evento: Evento de Teste
Site: http://desenv/web2project/index.php?m=calendar&a=view&event_id=193
Inicia em: 22/02/2011 21:00 GMT/UTC
Termina em: 23/02/2011 22:00 GMT/UTC
Projeto: Entregas diversas - SEDES
Tipo: Lembrete
Participantes: LĂșcio Ribeiro

In this case we have 3 hours between what i inserted and what W2P sent to me.
In database, i saw that the following dates was inserted:
- Start: 2011-02-22 21:00:00
- End: 2011-02-23 22:00:00

I think when W2P generates the e-mail to send, they don't format the dates in a correct way.
All my users are using 'America/Sao Paulo' TIMEZONE.

I hope you can help us.
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2011-02-23 22:46   
I think this was updated for v2.2, released in December.

Could you upgrade and check?
2011-03-15 08:01   
At the moment we can't upgrade the version, but we will as sooner as we can.
When we upgrade the w2p, we will check if the problem was resolved.
2011-04-06 22:00   
The v2.3 release was last week. I believe this one is resolved. Please try a test upgrade when you get a chance so we can resolve this if it's no longer applicable.

Thanks. :)
2011-07-03 23:32   
Resolved in r1980 in preparation for v2.4;

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