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0000758v2.3 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-26 13:232011-03-29 22:29
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.3 
Summary0000758: project designer doesn't consider timezone properly
DescriptionProject Designer seems to input times to the database as UTC even though the System Timezone is configured here as EST (America/New_York) and all other views shows EST instead of UTC. That is, if I put in a specific time on the start or end date and apply the change from the project designer view, the summary view then shows the time shifted by 4 hours. Updating times for the tasks module yields the expected result.
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2011-03-27 23:35   
What is your user's timezone set to?
2011-03-28 04:49   
Also America/New_York (defaulted to this)
2011-03-29 21:19   
Resolved this in r1788 & 1789, will be in the v2.3 release
2011-03-29 22:29   
Closed in preparation for v2.3

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